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Bump, Spin, and Flip? We took bumper cars to an Xtreme level!   


This attraction is sure to have you wondering which way is up! The flip zone cars are designed to make you feel like your flying. When you bump your buddy watch as the bumper car flips and spins, but watch out as you might be next! Don't worry you have a Give Up button if your flips are creating too much fun in your stomach. Don't want to flip at all? Hop in the Spin Only Car for a whirl around the arena. We know you are going to flip for this one. 

Flip Zone Bumper Cars you must be 42” tall and 6+ years old.


Spin Zone Car you must be 36” tall and 5+ years old.


Passenger Cars, driver must be 60" tall and 18+ years old. Passenger must not exceed 50" or 65 lbs. and between 3-7 years old.  

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